Monday, February 10, 2014

It's all about the reader

I'm excited to do this month's post, as the writing world has been a-buzz lately.  Between scores of writing contests - Pitch Wars, Pitch Madness, Sun vs Sun - and new imprints opening up (Bloomsbury Spark, Saga Books from S&S) everything has been looking mighty fine in the publishing world.

However, I wanted to get back to one fundamental point about writing.  Although writers spend a lot of time getting to know other writers (which is wonderful), it's important not to forget the number one goal of a novel - connecting with readers.

I've touched on this topic at times before, looking to see what we can do on a technical basis to improve our work for readers.  However, I was recently inspired by a conversation with a fellow writer (and agency sister).  We were talking about market and platform and increasing reach into the readers' world.  And we came up with the idea of creating a website called Debate It!  A place where readers could connect with other readers.  Somewhere people could debate the good and bad books they've read, talking about the parts of publishing that affect them as a reader.

And this got me to thinking - how much as writers do we truly reach out to the average reader?  There are scores of websites dedicated to improving craft.  Lots of writing motivation websites.  Plenty of helpful writing blogs.  But not so many website focused purely on the reader.

Perhaps it's a pertinent reminder to all writers not to get trapped in the bubble of being a writer.  To remember to delve into the readers' world as well.  So expand your horizons and go in search of not just other writers who'll read your work, but readers too.

We hope that you reach out to readers in all walks of life.  And we'd like to reach out to you too and invite you to come and join in the book debate happening over at Debate It!


  1. Fantastic post and important reminder!

  2. Thanks for this post! It can be so hard to remember that writing and publishing is mostly -- if not entirely -- about the readers. But it's so important. Not only is it true, but it takes an awful lot of stress off me and my writing when I aim to please readers first.

  3. I had to remind myself of this lately, and often to be honest. It can be all to easy to get caught up in the publishing game!