Friday, December 20, 2013

Debut nerves and cool stuff (including prices)

I usually keep my writing and my real life separate. I don't talk to a lot of people I know about my SLEEPER came out, I know it was a good idea to promote it locally as well as online. So I put out a press release and it received some media attention.
writing, even though I'm not normally a shy person. But when my debut novel,

For the past few weeks I've been receiving congratulations through friends, work colleagues and acquaintances. I usually shift uncomfortably and give an awkward thank-you. I think it's because I know that people I predominately mix with online think more like me - love YA, NA and Speculative Fiction and understand the publishing industry. I have no idea if people I mix with off-line are into my weird story lines.

But it was worth putting myself out there.

I had one new friend that I met though my community consultation work tell me that she's really enjoying my book. Not only that, but when she reads it, it's like I'm reading it to her - in her mind she hears my voice saying the words. That kinda blew me away.

This leads me into some of the highlights of of my debut release so far:

  1. Being told I'm narrating the story to a reader.
  2. Having an adult male reading my book, and enjoying it!
  3. Getting reviews like this!
  4. And like this!
  5. Getting Tweets like this.
  6. And like this!
  7. And this.
  8. And then there was this:

There were times where I was going to give up on SLEEPER. But I'm so glad I didn't because knowing I'm writing something people enjoy is worth it.

If you're yet to be published, don't give up. And if you are published, congratulations on sticking with it.

I've shared my ups, so now share yours. What's your favourite part of your writing journey so far?

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  1. I can definitely relate to some of those awesome moments! One of my favourite moments just recently was having a 13 year old boy say he loves the book and in the space of a few days having a 68 year old lady say the same thing....
    Sleeper is still on my To Read list, and I'm so excited to get my hands on it after Christmas!