Friday, September 6, 2013

Agentopia: Sarah Negovetich


Sarah Negovetich is fully aware that no one knows how to pronounce her last name, and she's okay with that. She's been with Corvisiero Literary Agency since 2012. As a Jr. Agent and PR Team Leader, Sarah works with a select group of clients and leads the agency's marketing efforts.

Her favorite writing is YA, because at seventeen the world is your oyster. Only oysters are slimy and more than a little salty, it's accurate if not exactly motivational.

Sarah's background is in Marketing. FYI, your high school algebra teacher was right when they told you every job uses math. She uses her experience to help authors with platform building and book promotion.

Wish List

I would love to see more Science Fiction, especially those not involving aliens (though aliens are fine). Anything very gadget heavy, including SteamPunk, would be awesome. I'd also love to see a high fantasy that doesn't involve the main character as the answer to a long standing prophecy to save the kingdom/world/etc. These are great stories, but they've been done a lot. Show me what else you can do with the genre.

I'd love to see something in any genre with a redeemable bad guy. I'm looking for an antagonist that makes me want to root for him at the same time I want him to lose. I'm all about the conflicting emotions.

Something that I'm not seeing a lot of is YA adventure/mystery that doesn't include fantasy. A story that takes the reader along on a wild goose chase like Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code or even National Treasure would be amazing.

Give me the extremes: Either something that makes me cry with laughter every other page or something so dark and twisted it keeps me up all night with the covers pulled over my head (but not gory). This doesn't work for every story, but if you can do one of these well, I want to see it.

How to Submit

I represent MG and YA only. I am not the agent for your chapter book or NA novel. There are lots of other great agents that handle those areas.

To submit, send your query letter, first five pages and a 1-2 page synopsis within the body of your email to No Attachments. 'Query for Sarah' should be your subject line. Please make sure your query includes the age group (MG or YA), genre and word count. Also, make sure you include your real name, even if you intend to use a pen name. Your synopsis should give away the end and include any plot twists and Spoilers! (I always say that word with an exclamation point like I'm River). This isn't the place to be vague.

I respond to all queries. You can check my blog for a status update on where I am with queries and requested manuscripts.

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