Sunday, November 18, 2012

Teentopia: Taylor

Teentopia is a monthly feature here on YAtopia where we ask real teens questions about what they like to read and how they choose the books they read. For more information and more Teentopia posts, click here.

For the return of Teentopia this month, we have a special guest. Please welcome Taylor, a twelve year old boy from Florida who loves to read!

How many books do you think you read in a year?

About 6 (I read slow)

What are some of your favorite recently-read books?
The harry potter series
How do you find out about and choose books that aren't assigned in school?

On the computer or friends at school
On a related note, do you read reviews before you decide to read a book? Where?

Do you read author's blogs/facebooks/twitters? If yes: before you read their book or after - and what kind of content do you like to see?

What kind of covers draw your attention?

It doesn’t matter
Do you feel like YA books accurately represent teen culture? How so?

Yes they are very fun to read
Is there anything (themes, character types, genres, time periods, etc) you'd like to see more of in YA books?


Anything you want to see less of?


How do you read books? (paper, e-reader, phone, audio, etc)


What do you think about all the YA books that have recently been made into movies?

I don’t like those movies because they mess up the story
What book have you read that you think deserves more attention?

Inkheart series
Do you use any book-specific sites to keep track of what you've read?


What's the most important element to you: characters, plot, writing style?


Have you ever seen a book trailer? If so, did it make you want to read the book? What do you think about them?


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  1. What a fantastic idea! Thank you Taylor! I will be looking forward to these in the future. :D