Sunday, March 18, 2012

Teentopia: Lucy

Teentopia is a monthly feature here on YAtopia where we ask real teens questions about what they like to read and how they choose the books they read. For more information and more Teentopia posts, click here.

This week, we're interviewing Lucy, younger sister of our very own Wendy Higgins. Lucy is in the 10th grade and says this about herself: "I'm what most people would call a girly girl. I love doing hair and makeup and I plan on becoming a cosmetologist."

What are some of your favorite recently-read books?

The House of Night Series, Water for Elephants and The Vampire Academy Series.

How do you find out about and choose books that aren't assigned in school?

My Lovely Sister, Wendy Higgins, gives me most of the books I read. Whenever she finds one that she enjoyed she'll always mention it to me!

On a related note, do you read reviews before you decide to read a book? Where?

No, I don't think I've ever read a review on a book.

Do you read author's blogs/facebooks/twitters? If yes: before you read their book or after - and what kind of content do you like to see?

I can't say I've looked on an authors blog either!

What kind of covers draw your attention?

I prefer covers that have people rather then a drawn cover. 

Do you feel like YA books accurately represent teen culture? How so?

I do. I think that since it is written for young adults they capture the way teens now act or want to act.

Is there anything (themes, character types, genres, time periods, etc) you'd like to see more of in YA books?

I would like books that are a little sad, not depressing though. I love chick flicks so if I cry during a book then it's defiantly a good thing! 

Anything you want to see less of?

Vampires! Even though I fell in love with two series recently dealing with vampires, I think that many authors thought that vampires were an easy way to write a good book. Don't get me wrong, there are many books that are good but the rave for those kinds of books have dropped.

How do you read books? (paper, e-reader, phone, audio, etc)

I read both paperback and on my iPad.

What do you think about all the YA books that have recently been made into movies?

I'm always disappointed in books that are turned into movies. I always expect too much out of them and end up not liking the movie at all.

What book have you read that you think deserves more attention?

Thirteen Reasons Why. It was a wonderful book and I fell in love with it so fast!!

What novel are you most looking forward to in 2012?

Sweet Evil!! I'm so ready for that book to come out!

Do you use any book-specific sites to keep track of what you've read?

Nope, I have not.

What's the most important element to you: characters, plot, writing style?

 I would definitely have to say characters. I think it's important to be able to relate to them so it's almost like you do know them.

Have you ever seen a book trailer? If so, did it make you want to read the book? What do you think about them?

No, I have not! To be honest, I don't know what a book trailer is!

A huge thanks to Lucy for stopping by to answer our questions! Also, Lucy will be around this week to answer any more detailed questions you have for her, so feel free to fire away!


  1. Its interesting to see you want no more vampires! Thanks for sharing. This is really interesting to YA writers like me!

  2. Sissy!!! Oh, and just so everyone knows, I have since schooled Miss Lucy about book trailers, haha. :)

  3. I loved Thirteen Reasons Why too! :D It should be popular than it is, haha

  4. I love how, as authors, we tend to be worried about bad reviews, but my guess is that MOST of the people who read our books don't see them and aren't swayed if they do.

    It is VERY rare that I let a book review sway me, and if I do, it's only because I wasn't sure about the book to begin with.

    Also - I'm a hater of book trailers . . .

    I'm SO glad Lucy popped in today!!

  5. Yay, Lucy! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

    1. Despite what she says about no more vampire books, she does love vamps, and I plan to put Chasing Normal in her hands because I know she'll enjoy it. :) heehee

  6. Hard to believe Lucy is so grown up!