Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm in a great mood today. Why, you ask? Because I have two fun-fun things to share. I know we normally don't have Wednesday posts, but I couldn't wait!

First things first, we have our lovely winners from the pitch contest for Vickie Motter. You will be getting an email with instructions, so please hang tight!

Runners Up:
Mark, Aetherstorm
Esther, Sunkist Sodas and Sexy Underwear
Michelle, The World that does not Bow
MarcyKate, Confessions of a Teenage Cyborg

And (drumroll please), our winner:
Pam, No Longer My World

When 17-year-old Kimmy is kidnapped by rebels, she finds her loyalty for the alien invaders that raised her and her love for the leader’s son tested as she realizes the perfect new world order might not be as it seems. Human girls are dying because of an alien government experiment run by her adopted father and it becomes clear Kimmy is the only one who can solve the problem. But which race will she choose to save: the aliens that rescued the Earth from destruction or what remains of the humans that caused it?

Again, for the runners up and the winner, you'll be getting an email soon.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Second, something near and dear to my heart...Entangled's darling and talented cover artist has presented me with the most gorgeous cover for HUSHED.

He’s saved her. He’s loved her. He’s killed for her.

Eighteen-year-old Archer couldn’t protect his best friend, Vivian, from what happened when they were kids, so he’s never stopped trying to protect her from everything else. It doesn’t matter that Vivian only uses him when hopping from one toxic relationship to another—Archer is always there, waiting to be noticed.

Then along comes Evan, the only person who’s ever cared about Archer without a single string attached. The harder he falls for Evan, the more Archer sees Vivian for the manipulative hot-mess she really is.

But Viv has her hooks in deep, and when she finds out about the murders Archer’s committed and his relationship with Evan, she threatens to turn him in if she doesn’t get what she wants… And what she wants is Evan’s death, and for Archer to forfeit his last chance at redemption.

Love it?? I do!

Release day is December 6th, 2011, but you'll have chances to win ARCs well before then. Keep an eye on YAtopia and my personal blog for more info. Until then, you can mosey on over to GoodReads and add it. :)


  1. Congrats to the winners and to you, Kelley! I love the cover! So dark (while somehow being mostly white) and intriguing ;-)

  2. Wow, LOVE the cover!

    Thanks so much for running these contests and congrats to the other winners!

  3. Does MarcyKate win everything? She'd better get an agent soon, so the rest of us have a chance. ; )

    Thanks for the contest. And congrats to all the winners. Lots of great entries out there.

  4. HUSHED looks and sounds amazing!!!!! Congrats to the winners!

  5. Thanks, everyone! And congrats again to all the winners. And to everyone who participated, 'cause your pitches are always so much fun to read! When they're all published, I can look back and think, "I remember that one!" ;)

  6. Sarah, haha, I thought that, too about it being mostly white and yet so dark. ;) The picture itself is just quiet-feeling, which I love and fits with the title.

  7. EEEEP! So exciting. I absolutely love the cover and it's perfect for the book! I can't wait for the world to read Archer's story :)

    Congrats to the winners!

  8. Congrats to the winners. And you're a winner too with that cover. Very cool.

  9. Love your cover!!!
    And congrats to the winners!

  10. Kelley! Holy cow! Congratulations! What a simple, yet dramatic cover!

  11. The cover is AMAZING. I completely dig it. And the blurb makes me want to have read this yesterday. I want that ARC! :)

  12. Love it, Kelley!

    Congratulations winners!

    Such exciting times. :)

  13. THANK YOU, everyone!! :)

    K.D., hang tight! ARCs will hopefully be popping up in a month or so. ;)