Monday, June 13, 2011

Words you LOVE

Okay, I'm totally being a copycat here, but Wendy's post on Saturday about words people hate, got me thinking about words I love. Or not even words, but phrases or actions, too.

I think it's really easy to have "fall back" words. Words you love and are comfortable with and tend to use a lot in writing. It's a trap that is so easy to get into. I've been there myself. So much that I've started to use the "find" function for some of those well-used words and phrases.

One of the words I realize I use a lot is lame. I don't know what it is, but anything I don't like is lame. My characters seem to think things are lame too. So much so that they say it all the time. How lame is that? Okay, totally bad joke there. Ignore me. I'm typing this late at night after being up early.

Another one I love is totally. I "totally" think, say, do, or feel a lot of things (and you should be proud because I kept myself from using a totally joke there). It's hard not to make my characters "totally" think, say, do or feel things too.

Ah, and those pesky smiles. Sometimes, I think I must write the shiniest, happiest people around for how often they, "look at him and smile" Or how it feels when someone "looks at me and smiles". Enough with the smiles already! Do people really smile that much? And maybe it's not a bad thing to smile a lot, but bad when I want to tell the reader about every, little smile! LOL.

So, what are some of your favorite words? Even if you're not a writer, what words are just you. For those writers out there, any phrases or actions you have to search for and cut?


  1. Filibustering. It's just such a great word!

  2. My all time favorite word is 'socks'. It's just so nice to say... And 'morbific', which is so deliciously hideous.

  3. Tee-hee, I like those ^^^
    This post made me giggle. I got all excited when I saw the title. Fun!!
    Hmm. I've always loved to say the word "orchard." Weird, I know, but I love how it sounds. As far as writing, I WAY overuse "smile" and "look" and I describe a lot of pleasant things as being "lovely."
    I used to adore the word "sike"--whatever happened to sike?!?! I miss it.

  4. Ug... smiles! They drive me nuts! My characters are constantly smiling... though it's not always b/c they're happy. More often it's because they're sad and trying to pretend to be happy, or they're grinning evilly or something. :P

    And recently I've had a problem with the word 'but.' I seem to use it all the time. ARG!

  5. Baha! Wendy! Smile! You're on candid camera!

    Let's see...I know Sarah Dessen's favorite word must be "Instead," but that's just my opinion. :D

    For me, er, I like...I have no clue. Now I have to think about this one.

  6. Miss Cole, love it!

    Wendy, lol. Glad you like my stolen topic! And sike rocks! I had so much fun using jinx in Dizzy, but my friends daughter said it was SO third grade so I had to make sure Ziah made fun of Dylan for saying it ;)

  7. Elanor,
    I agree! Mine are often pretending to be happy as well!

  8. Evie,
    You have an amazing eye that catches so much!!

  9. I use the word "and" a lot. She did this AND this, AND then oops, this happened. But he still loved her AND thought she looked hot covered in mud. It gets excessive, so I always watch for that.

    Also, I just love the word space (not as in outer), and describing space or lack of it between characters and their bodies/emotions.

    Fun post.

  10. Oh, space is a good one, Kaylee. Thanks!

  11. Balls. It's just funny. I have no idea why.
    Freaking. Again, no idea why.
    Crap. It was the one quasi-bad-word that was allowed in my parents' house.

    Words I use too much when writing? You could probably answer that better than me!

    Smile - seriously! People don't smile all the time!

  12. I usually the words "suddenly," "unfortunately," and "basically" a lot in manuscripts. Unfortunately.

  13. "tomfoolery" I use it whenever possible!

  14. Ooh, tomfoolery! Tee-hee!
    Jolene - my first drafts are riddled with "just"s and "that"s. Unfortunately. (<-for Lin) :) Hmm...riddled is a fun word.

  15. Jo, you have gotten MUCH better with that and just!!!

    Wen, riddled IS fun.

    LOL @ tomfoolery. Love it.