Tuesday, March 29, 2011

200+ Followers Giveaway

I promised a while back that I would do a giveaway when we reached 200 followers. And I don't know if y'all noticed or not? But we've blown that out of the water! *big grin*

First I want to thank all of our wonderful followers for taking time out of your day to read our blog! We greatly appreciate it and love every comment you leave for us - they feed our souls! Thank you!

Without further ado...

What You Can Win!

1) A SIGNED (hardcover) copy of The Shifter by Janice Hardy. (I went to her release party for Blue Fire, the second in the Healing Wars series and got a few signed copies because I LOVE these books!)

2) In memory of Diana Wynne Jones, I'd like to give away a new paperback copy of Enchanted Glass and Howl's Moving Castle.

3) It's no big secret how big of a Laurie Halse Anderson fan I am. And since a lot of the hoopla from the Speak Loudly thing has died down a bit, I want to rekindle it for one lucky winner. So I'm giving away a new paperback of both Speak and Wintergirls.

4&5) Lastly, two lucky winners will win a pair of (pierced) earrings hand-crafted by yours truly. I want to personalize them, so I haven't made them yet, but they'll probably look similar to the pairs pictured above - except, you know... less blurry :-/ (And don't you worry - if you don't win these, I'll be opening up an Etsy shop soon so you will have the opportunity to buy some of my insomnia-fueled creations) ;-)

How To Win

I don't like contests that require you to jump through 14 hoops to enter so the only thing you HAVE to do is a be a follower (since it IS a contest to celebrate and thank our followers!) and fill out the form below.

+2 Old follower
+1 New follower

On the other hand, I'm a fan of rewarding people for extra work, so there are MANY opportunities for you to win extra points:

+1 Tweeting a link to this post
+3 Blogging about this contest
+2 For each of our individual blogs you follow: Me, Wendy, Chanelle, Kelley Y, Kelley V, DJ, Sharon, Leigh
+1 For each of us you follow on Twitter: Me, Wendy, Chanelle, Kelley Y, Kelley V, DJ, Sharon, Leigh

Winners will be chosen by Random.org

This contest will remain open until 2359 EST on April 4th, 2010 and I'll somehow convince Leigh to announce the winners on her April 5th post.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners.


  1. Um, yeah...200 followers. pft. Congrats on your 327 followers. LOL

  2. Haha, thanks! Yeah, we definitely exploded that milestone. :-D

  3. OOOPPPPPSSS!! I forgot to put a field on the form for your name... so that's kinda embarrassing...

    Anyway, it's fixed now. and if you were one of the first two people, please let me know how many points you had. Thanks


  4. Congratulations on all the followers! That is so awesome. :D

  5. Well past 200! Not sure if you're open to internationals, but have entered just in case--totally understand if postage overseas is a bit $$$.

  6. Hey Amie! I'm in Australia so if you win I prize I'll organize it for you =]

  7. Yay! Congrats! I'm so very happy for you guys! :)

  8. Sarah, what an amazing giveaway!!! How fun :)

  9. I'm in! Thanks for offering such great prizes!

  10. I'm just here to say, HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE and SPEAK are the most amazing books.

    Awesome giveaway!! :)

  11. Incredible giveaway (and homemade earrings??? Yes, please!) :)

  12. Awesome! I wish I could enter, but I won't be around when you announce the winners. Have a great giveaway, and congrats on 300+!

  13. Awesome giveaway, Sarah!! Good luck everyone.

  14. You guys are too cool with all the prizes, and yay on the 200 followers! My silly google reader just started updating w/your posts. I'll be back~

  15. Oh yeah, I can only ship to the US. Sorry :-(

  16. Congratulations on surpassing 200 followers! Love your blog!

  17. Come on, y'all totally blew past the 200 follower marker and are well on your way to the big 400. ^_^

    A very big congrats on all the followers to each and everyone one of you guys. :)

    The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

  18. Great contest.

    I tried to follow you on twitter but when I pressed on the links it said wasn't available. But I did follow your blogs.

    Thanks for hosting

  19. Yeah, Twitter is down right now. Thank you!