Friday, April 12, 2013

To Blog or Not To Blog

When you first start out as an author or a writer who wants to be an author, you are told some things about what you need to do to reach out to readers, agents and publishers.

Number ONE on the list is to have a BLOG. When I started my blog, I felt really weird about it. What the hell do I have to say that people want to know about? I guess that's a weird thought since I'm an author, so I must think I have something people want to know about. But what do people want to know about me PERSONALLY? Beyond that, why would they care?

Will people even read my posts? And worst of all- WHAT do I write about?

So far I've gotten away with talking about writing, talking about my books and hosting other authors for cover reveals and interviews. It doesn't feel very inspired to me. Not the way my writing does and it makes me wonder if BLOGGING even makes a difference to readers and or people who just want to know more about you.

Of course, there is also some other advice about blogging. They say that if you can, you should also participate in a Group Blog, which is why you see my posts here and at YA Outside the Lines. Both of which I am honored to be a part of.

I view these Group Blogs as places where I really need to shine. Where I try at least to give valuable tidbits and thoughtful information and again I wonder: Is anyone reading this? Does anyone care? Am I helping people with what I say?

Seeing as I've been doing the blogging thing for over a year now on my personal blog and for six months on group blogs, I thought it might be fun to ask you what you think of authors or aspiring authors who blog.

Does it makes you like them more?

Do you read what they write?

Do their posts help you or inspire you and if so which type of posts?

Please share any thoughts you have on blogging with me in the comments.

Because, I'll be honest, I'm running out of ideas and motivation ;)...


  1. I think being yourself is a big part, and giving something readers would like to know.

  2. It's really taught me what an 'author's voice' should sound like. If I don't hear it, it doen't hook nor does it hold my interest. Y'all are great Teachers! Thank you.

  3. Read other blogs does numerous things for me:

    1.) It lets me see what other people are reading and reviewing in books, and what I should check out.
    2.) If the blog gives tips about writing and doing writing a certain way to achieve a certain kind of result then it helps me with my writing.
    3.) I read blogs to figure out who is new and upcoming so I can stay on top of that for future blog posts for my blog.

    So Yes, I would say that reading this blog and other blogs helps me A LOT when it comes to my blog and my writing. I love this blog especially you guys have awesome topics.