Thursday, June 28, 2012


While you're reading this post I am currently on the road, driving 12 hours to Oregon! It's where we're from and we have a ton of friends there who we haven't seen in about six years! Obviously we're super excited. These are the people I grew up with. People who I spent all my time with from about twelve years-old until we moved here when I was twenty-four.


I'm trying to make myself forget the MOUNTAIN of work I have to do. The proposal waiting for me to write it (YAY) and the edits on two books waiting for me to finish them and have FUN.

I'm not always good at forgetting my work. LOL. I have this big issue about letting work wait and I start to feel pressured and like I'm going to get behind.

So... tell me to relax, k? LOL. This trip is about FUN. The work isn't going anywhere.

Oh! And something else really exciting. When I get back it will be one month until SCBWI. Wendy Higgins, Jolene Perry and Stephanie Campbell and I are rooming together and Jolene will be at my house a few days before the conference. Can't wait! LOVE spending time with writing friends.

Are you taking a vacation this summer? Where are you going? Attending any conferences?


  1. Oh! Have fun! Well it's winter here and I'm not going on a proper vacation, just some trips away for my son with Rugby. I'll take holidays in the Aussie summer, but my mum's coming here.

    I wish I was attending the CYA conference in my state's capital (Children and Young Adult), but it's on the same weekend as one of the rugby trips.

  2. Have fun!! It's all about letting things relax and if there's something to be worked out plot-wise, it'll take that time to do so.

  3. Have fun! I'm going on a study abroad in England, so that'll be fun... around the whole studying part. I'm taking two History classes. I'll be getting a lot of [textbook] reading done!!

  4. You are going to be so sick of me, lol.
    but it's gonna be SO. MUCH. FUN.