Saturday, June 16, 2012

Book Worlds

Have you ever read a book where you wish you could close your eyes, reopen them and the book world would become your own? Where the characters are real, the world building is real, the supernatural is real?

I want to hear about it!!

But first, I'll share mine.

I'll admit, most of my reason for this is because the world is written so wonderfully. I also love the idea of witches and swamps and gorgeous boys that can disappear with the wind. Love!

It's obvious why I want this world to be real...Etienne!! I want him to be real and I want him to want me and that is all.

This book blew me away. I loved the world, the characters, the Darkling, Mal!! And I want a cool super power. Seriously, I do. I want to be Alina furthermore.

If I'm going to be in this world, I totally want to be an angel. And, Clara, if you don't want Christian - I'll have him.

Once again, gotta love witches. If I was to be alive in this book, I'd need to be a witch like Lena and have cool hair that twists with power. Awesome! I wouldn't want Ethan to be my boyfriend, but he's pretty cool. The magic is impressive, though, and Amna's food sounds off the chain!

Right, your turn. What books do you wish were real and why?


  1. HARRY POTTER! I just want to stroll aroudn Hogwarts, buy a wand, and talk with Dumbledore. That is the one world I want created more than ANYTHING. (And it did kind of get created, with the theme park in Orlando :)) JK Rowling's seven years of planning and creating her world really paid off.

  2. Hi Chanelle!
    I have to agree with SC Author :) Harry Potter most definitely! I dreamed of it as a child: just waving my wand around casually, strolling through Diagon Alley and purchasing Weasley products like any normal wizard. My favourite to imagine was owning an owl and sending letters instantly! No postage and assured replies in maybe a day or two. Hehe :) All the other "worlds" I can think of are dystopian, and I'd definitely not want that :D I wonder if going into the past counts?

    Thanks for the awesome discussion :D

    1. Haha, I remember waving my wands around. I brought my favorite one (the Dumbledore one) EVERYWHERE with me. I also wore my robes around the house :) Harry Potter was so much fun.

  3. I definitely need to visit Harry Potter world. If that world really existed, I would have to go to Hogwarts. No doubt about it!