Monday, March 10, 2014

Writers' Truths

I wanted to look at writers' truths.  It's occurred to me that the further up the chain of publishing I go, the more I seem to get concerned by things like: market, better creativity, being perfect, fear of failure, and being the next big thing.

Yes, vain isn't it?

But that is my writer's truth.  And when talking to a fellow writer, it turns out that we all have our own dark writer's truth.  Things like "I just want people to like my book", "I want the validation", "I'm jealous when other writers are more successful than me".  And then we proceed to beat ourselves up about these niggling thoughts.  But I want you to...

That's right.  Just stop right there.  Remember, as tough, grueling and demanding as this industry becomes, we all have the same feelings at one time or another.  None of us are perfect.  We all write the stories from our hearts, but we're not immune to the fears and doubts and need for validation.  It comes part and parcel of being a writer.

So how do we survive this, without swimming in guilt or drowning in unrealistic expectations?

Well, all I can do is tell you what works for me.  Emotional touch stones.  I have certain things that I go back to when I feel that icky buzzing starting in my head.  And those things vary.  First and foremost, I remind myself of the core of my heart:  His name is Roger and you can meet him HERE.  He is what gives me strength, so if I'm wavering, this is where I go.

Next, I remind myself of friends.  Good friends who give me sunshine in a jar.  You can meet one of my best friends HERE.  Every day is a wonderful day when you talk with Lizzy.  And I also go to Katrina.  Katrina is my sounding board and the partner in my other website HERE (which goes to show Katrina is a doer - someone who helps me see that you can focus on other things and connect with people in a very real way).

I write what I find fun.  If I'm not having fun when I'm writing, I stop.  Seriously.  I write for me first, everyone else second.  Sounds selfish, no?  Well, I have to.  And when I don't, it shows.  I want to connect to a reader in a real and honest way, so if I don't do it from my heart then how do I expect to meet them in theirs?

So there you go.  This is my writer's truth, and how I conquer it the best way I know how.  Tell me, what is your writer's truth?

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