Sunday, January 8, 2012

When life throws you pomegranates

Huh? Pomegranates?  Yip, pomegranates.  You see, on those days when the lemons hit the fan, and the blades slicing through the peel are spewing bitter juice into broken skin and sensitive eyes, the first thing to cross your mind is, I guess it’s time to make lemonade.  Well actually, that’s not true. The first thing to cross your mind will be, OUCH!, followed closely by, Who the hell did that? But before you start squeezing the crap out of sour lemons and adding tones of sugar in an attempt to make them palatable, take a closer look.  Sometimes the lemons are in fact pomegranates. 
Pomegranates are quite big, so they really hurt when they’re pelted at you.  They’re an odd fruit.  I find the seeds exceptionally irritating and the pith leaves a disgusting aftertaste, but if you scoop away the flesh from the bitter pith, and juice it to remove the horrible seeds, you are left with the sweetest and most uniquely beautiful, rich elixir  There’s no need to add sugar, it’s sweet enough on it’s own.  It’s also a fantastic antioxidant.  Yup, it will help rid your body of all those nasty toxins that get under your skin and fester. What might surprise you is the amount of goodness these pomegranates can hold, and the pleasant effect they can have on your general wellbeing. The pith and seeds will be rotting in the composter while the benefits of the sweet bits are still working their magic.
So remember the next time the world throws you lemons, pause and take a closer look.  With any luck, that fruit that just smashed off your head and hurt like hell,  might actually be a pomegranate.

I hope 2012 is treating you well.
All the best and talk soon.



  1. Well said! And so very true. I love pomegranates but they are such a pain to process.

  2. Well said. I especially like the fact you used pomegranates to say it. I use to eat them like mad as a kid despite how much of a pain they can be to eat :-)

  3. Actually I like to eat lemons. But I'm weird that way.

  4. <3 and hugs. All the best for 2012 everyone.

  5. Pomegranates are my favorite fruit! Someone in my grandma's neighborhood used to give them out for Halloween, all the way back from when my mom was a kid. But all I can say about anyone throwing a pomegranate into my fan is, someone's gonna be in trouble! Lemon juice is cleansing, but pomegranate juice is messy as crap!

  6. Today has been one of those "lemon" days and this post really helped. Thank you! BTW, don't pomegranates stain? :-P

    - Julie