Monday, January 16, 2012

On Needing One Another

You know what I'm thankful for? Every single one of you. (No, this isn't a late Thanksgiving post haha). But do you know why I'm thankful for you? Because I need you. Yeah, that's right. I need you.

I need my online friends to provide a reprieve away from the stresses of my offline world.

I need authors to write books that take me away from everything for a while. Make me so immersed in their world that I don't ever want to leave. Make me fall in love with fictional characters so badly that I want them to be real.

I need reviewers to write reviews so I can check out a book before I spend my hard earned (and not nearly enough!) money on it.

I need bloggers and blog readers to provide an interaction that I can either join in with or watch, but both give me a sense of belonging.

I need my agent - who talks me down off the ledge when I'm having a panic.

I need my editor who helps make my work better and wants to see it do well as much as I do.

And when I didn't have an agent/editor, I needed to want one because it made the quest to publishment that much realer.

Get where I'm going with this? We all need each other. Right? Reviewers love to read. You can't read without authors writing. Authors love to write. You can't write without an audience to write for. Editors love to aquire books and agents love to represent books, but you can't do this without authors querying/subbing to you.

What I need most of all, though, out of everything up there (well maybe not more than my agent - she rocks!) is for everyone to respect each other. Stop bickering. Stop writing personal things about one another on public networks. Stop writing unhelpful, scathing reviews and expecting authors to appreciate them. Can we all just hug now?


  1. Hugs to you! I have trouble finding the time to consistently follow all of the blogs I like, but whenever I pop in, I find a wonderfully supportive community.

  2. *hugs* RESPECT! We're all people with feelings, and sometimes I think we tend to forget that since we don't have to actually look at one another, lol. Thanks, Chanelle!

  3. (((HUGS))) Where's the "like" button? :)

  4. Well said! We all need each other so much and it hurts when our online world is bickering. (((hugs))) to all, especially you ladies!

  5. Awesome post, Chanelle! Hugs to you!