Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The importance of perseverance

A few years ago my publisher closed down. No royalties came through for most of the authors. It was a huge deflating moment. This was my first novel. I wasn't confident with self publishing, so I shelved it. I was pretty down about it. This story meant so much to me. 

It was a year or so later, I spontaneously threw out my pitch for the story as part of a Twitter party. And it got requests! Including from my publisher, City Owl Press. My book was reborn as DIVDED: An Open Heart Novel. 

I was thrilled. City Owl Press have been amazing. 

And now, I'm getting ready to launch the sequel: SHATTERED.

Writing is such a subjective business that you don't know if your novel will make it. The wave of trends that come and go mean a novel you shelved five years ago could be dusted off now and put back out in queries. Like how agent Pam Howell is currently looking for YA Vampires

Sometimes it's not you, it's the industry trends. Sometimes it's not you, it's the agent's wishlist not matching. Keep believing in yourself and persevere, not matter what is thrown at you. 

And then maybe one day you'll be about to celebrate a book launch too. 

BTW - if you'd like to sign up for the book launch of SHATTERED you can here. No blog required as promo can be via Twitter. 

Sharon is an author of YA and NA fiction. You can find her hanging out on Twitter, or playing with her cats. 

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