Friday, June 10, 2016

Emotional Balance

Perhaps it's just me (but I think not), but there is a lot of panic and rush from writers in the book building world. Panic over being good enough, rushing to finish a book to send it to the query trenches or on sub, distress about another author getting a sale before you do, the worry over why your editor/agent hasn't sent you your edits yet or updated you on where you're at... It's an endless list.

And this is where I want to say 'stop'. As writers, we have a tendency to obsess, and we really, really need to stop that. It's not good for our writing, our business, our sanity, our health or our happiness. Period.

I see so many writers who just want to "be published" that they have lost the reason why they love to write. I have heard countless writers say "if they don't get an agent with this book, they'll stop writing." My question to them: is that why you started writing? Just to be published? If so, then more power to you. But for most of us, we started writing because we love it. We can't not write. If that was how you started, then take a huge, big, leaping step back and really evaluate not just where you are in your writing career, but where you are emotionally.

Forget the old adage of the passion being gone makes bad writing. We all know that. However, writing without passion makes for a bad emotional balance. Writers should take time to write what they love. Have you ever thought of writing something that's not (*gasp, shock, horror*) ever going to be something you want to try and publish? If not, why not?

I believe that every writer, hobbyist or career, should always make a little space to write something purely for their heart, and purely for them, and to hell with the publishing of it. I'm a career author, so I work with that in mind. But I do stop and smell the roses, too. I hope you can as well!


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