Sunday, September 20, 2015

YAtopia Facebook Group is now open

As a writer I know that it's not a solo career, despite how it may appear. Writers need support, and YAtopia is offering it to you!

The YAtopia Facebook group is now open for applications! It is a group that will support writers of YA, NA and MG, both aspiring and published. It's a place to connect, learn and grow. Writers will have the opportunity to:

  • Network with other aspiring writers and published writers.
  • Learn about upcoming pitch contests, conferences, festivals and other professional development opportunities. 
  • Find Critique Partners, Beta Editors and Alpha Readers.
  • Consult the hive mind when faced with a writing problem.
  • Ask questions of special guests (ohhh mysterious).
  • Participate in writing sprints (a great way to get over writer's block).

YAtopia blog members will be admins of the group to make sure that it stays a positive place and achieves the goals it set out to achieve. 

If you want to be in writing Uptopia we would love you to join YAtopia! See you on Facebook. 

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