Friday, November 14, 2014



Sadly once again I have to postpone my examination of the Game of Thrones being secretly a YA novel in the trappings of adult fantasy to talk about change.

Last month I talked about the loss of my best friends and incredible talented author Eugie Foster.
Now I am talking about change. Change is something we all face in life regardless of what we are doing. Change is a constant.

I talked about how at DragonCon I just talked to a kid about Doctor Who and I talked to her like she was an adult, well maybe not like an adult, but I didn’t dumb the conversation down and talked to her like a person.

Well I had another conversation recently which changed my life. And I mean changed it drastically. 

This conversation was a job interview with a new library system.

With that conversation I am now a branch manager of my own library. With taking that job I am buying my first house. I still can’t believe I found a house that fast to purchase.

But this why I bring all of this up; you never know when a conversation will change your life. I have pitched books and short stories in conversations with publisher and editors. That is how I started transforming my world of Amazing Pulp Adventures into a roleplaying game. It is how it was also licensed for a board/card game.

It is thanks to a number of conversations that I wrote for the newest volume of You and Who; which is an essay anthology about individual people and their relationship with Doctor Who.

You never know who you are going to meet and interact with on a daily basis. Or where it might lead you. 


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