Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Power of 140 Words

The Power of 140 Words

I was once again going to make the argument that Game of Thrones could be considered a Young Adult series, but something more incredible happened. It reminded me why I am an author and write in the first place and just how powerful you the reader and fans are.

Thanks to Jaym Gates I ended up participating in GISHWHES and only for the last few days of it. Not as a person participating in the scavenging hunt, but as an author willing to write a short story for those participating in it. I know Misha Collins, yes that Misha Collins who plays Castiel, was/is the/a sponsor of this crazy event. I am not really sure how this all works, (

A handful of authors came out against it, because one of the items on the list was to get a published sci-fi author to right a 140 word short story about Misha, the Queen of England, and an Elopus. I read it as Misha being the Queen of England, which made my stories all that much more strange. I ended up writing 18 of these little stories, which I ended up putting my own little spin on with turning them into a serialized story so all 18 parts become part of a bigger story around 2700 words. I had a blast doing this.

I have to thank all the teams again who used me. I would totally be willing to do this again. But something started happening I wasn’t prepared for…

I started to get fan mail and thank you letters.

I wasn’t expecting anything to the effect, but it really hit me in that good way. That taking 10 minutes out of my day to write a 140 word short story would/could create so much good will… I am not sure “good will” are the words I am looking for… but I hope you see or get what I am say here.
Let me share with you what I was sent.

Thank you somuch for the story, it was awesome. Sorry I didn't email sooner, last minute submissions and all.


Thank you so much!!


I just wanted to really thank you for what you submitted to me.. It was funny too... I admire people who write and it is on my bucket list to be a published writer, so you are living my dream.

Thanks again! 


thank you very much! Team Free-Pizza is forever in your debt. :)



So, I know my team has already sent you a thank you note and the likes, but I wanted to thank you personally (which is already delayed, my apologies.)(Though I guess it's better late than never).

So thank you for writing this perfect story. And it's not just my words here, this is what the team said when they read the story for the first time. I mean Misha as the Queen? Genius.

Hmm, I don't really know what else to write besides praising you more and more. I'm also not that good with words, as I bet you noticed.

So I'm gonna say thank you and let you know that your work brings a smile on to my face every time I read it. Which is a lot.

Forever in your debt and holding you to the highest regards,


I know that not every author could do this, or was willing to, and that is okay. Everyone is entitled to say no. But GISHWHES and this short story was so much fun for me to do. I know I am not a huge name when it comes to writing, I am not even sure I qualify even as a small name; but I am a published sci-fi/fantasy author. But these teams, and their thank yous made me feel incredible and I would without a second thought participate again if there is a writing segment the next time GISHWHES occurs.

I think what I am saying those 140 words effected those I wrote them for; but what they sent back to me made me feel all that much more special. So what I am trying to say if you like something an author wrote or it affected you on some level; let the author know. You might give them that note or a message on a day they really need to hear that thank you for writing you wrote. 

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