Monday, February 20, 2012

Word Lover

I love words. With.A.Passion.

In my Professional Writing class at university, on the very first day, my lecturer posed a question to us about how language had changed over the centuries and did we agree that the simpler dialogue that had developed was better.

First to answer (cause I suffer from know-it-all-itis), I said the change was horrible because I didn't want to lose the rich culture of literature from years gone by.

I should now add that Professional Writing looked at communication from a business perspective and was basically a PR subject.

Well, my lecture, who I adored because she was a columnist in the local paper, shot me down and said simpler was better. Supposedly the average person has a reading age of a twelve year old and I had to write to that.

I was crestfallen at the thought of dumbing down my writing. My idea was to save endangered words, not stomp them into extinction.

But from a business writing perspective, she was right. And since I started as a journalist many years ago and moved into public relations, I have tailored my writing for my audience - simplifying it when I've needed to.

However, in my fiction realm I try to use a wider variety of words to keep the prose rich and warm. So here are some of my favourites that I love to use, but try not to over-use:

  • Snavel
  • Perch
  • Snare
  • Myriad
  • Sporadically (thank you Clueless)
  • Exasperated
  • Blurt
  • Scouring
  • Scooch
  • emanates
So, what are some of your favourite words?


    1. Ooh, perch is so pretty. I always get sporadically and spontaneously mixed up when I talk.
      I recenly discovered that I overused the word "jovial" in a story. But it's so fun! :)
      Ah, words.

    2. I don't know why, but 'slip' has always been a favorite word of mine and it manages to slip into my writing (see!) more frequently than it should.

    3. I love to use the word "malarky" ^_^

    4. Nice list! I love action words that have to do with fighting. Like "thrust" and "swing" and "parry." Dang, I just love words in general.

    5. Totally! I use totally way too much. LOL

    6. For some reason, I must love the word especially b/c I use it way too much in my writing. Other fun words that come to mind: surreptitiously, scrabble, extricate, glistening, sparkle. Hey, sounds like a good story...

    7. absence. It just strikes a chord within my heart...

    8. "faraway" and "whisper" are favourites, and I love using "amorevolous" as well, because it's so unheard of, haha.

      Clueless! ♥

    9. I like sharp, hard words like 'shard' and 'shatter' and 'blade'. But the words I overuse like crazy in my work are 'just' and 'look'....

    10. My favorite word is buckyballs (which is actually an atom. Aka buckminsterfullerene in the science world).

      Anyways, whenever I'm reading I keep those little sticky flags with me so that when I find a word I don't know, I flag it and then when I'm done with the book, I look them all up. In the latest book I read, The Unbecoming of Maya Dyer (LOVED IT), I learned 28 new words. :D

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    12. I like Divergent, Delirium,, wait, those are books.

      Juxtaposition is one of my favorites. Also marmalade. Although as an actual thing if I had to chose between the former and the latter I would always chose the former.

    13. Sereh - we had to do coursework on bucky balls, and me and my friends turned it into a euphemism - endless fun for a bunch of immature 16-yr-olds!

      My favourite words are "unutterably", "melancholy" and "Autumn". I think it says something about me as a person ;)