Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Tuesday Twaddle - Vlogs!

I hate cameras and tend to run in the opposite direction when one is pointed at me, but in a world ruled by visual media, they are becoming harder and harder to avoid.  When I first set out on my publishing journey, I tried my hand at vlogging, and it was fun.  But the problem was they were just so darn time consuming to put together.

Two minutes of vlogging fun = four hours of screaming at windows movie maker, thirty outtakes, one hour in hair and makeup, and about thirty minutes of fighting with yourself trying to convince yourself not to post it to YouTube. *sigh*

So you see, it's really not that easy.  That said, it really is a fun way to connect with your audience.  And when you see an author in a vlog, more often than not your surprised by how they look, sound, and act, because it shows a completely different side to the one they present on Twitter or Facebook. 

Yatopia have been blogging a while know, and I wonder do you really know the crazies behind blog.
So here's the bit that's going to make my fellow Yatopia bloggers squirm and be suddenly hit by the urge to pelt me with rotten tomatoes, but I was thinking it might be fun to do a Vlog fortnight, one where we do a short vlog instead of our usual posts.

So what do you think Yatopians? Would you like to see us vlogging?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.  I'm not saying we will be vlogging, I'll probably be still wedged into the stocks covered in tomato juice for the next few weeks anyway, but would it be something that you'd like to see us do?

Let us know!

Talk soon my lovelies.



  1. You evil woman Leigh suggesting that! Lol! Actually I'm game and everyone can laugh at my Aussie accent. I smell prizes too. Maybe questions at the end of the fortnight on each vlog as a comp...you know how much I like comps.

  2. Haha, I'm game, if people really want to see awkwardness personified! My sister is much better at them than me, though!

  3. I prefer reading posts, but I do like vlogs as like a weekly thing or to switch things up. Good luck with it! (if y'all do it)

  4. Absolutely – and I have to commend you for your bravery. I'm way too self conscious to post footage of myself online. I'd need a few hours in make-up plus several weeks voice coaching before I felt up to the task. Unfortunately, the nasal Aussie accent doesn't lend itself well to broadcast.

  5. Oy! My voice is annoyingly high-pitched...but I'll do it if that's the consensus. Everyone bring your earplugs, haha.

  6. Vlogging is an amazing way to connect with the audience. While it sounds like it's time-consuming (really, really sounds that way), I know that I enjoy watching every vlog you put up. There's so much you can do with videos that you can't put into words.