Thursday, June 2, 2011


There are lots of things that distract me from my writing, like:


Phone calls


Worrying about the Zombie Apocalypse

Getting distracted by the Internet

Trying to get your kids to eat their tea

Being caught up looking at your book cover

Being caught up looking at your friends' book covers
(look to the left and there's two more excellent covers)

Finding projects to do around the house

Looking up amusing pictures to use on your blog

There is no doubt we have so many conflicting priorities in our lives, and some more serious and important than what I've listed. But if you truly want to be a writer make the time to get the words onto paper (or into your computer). If you leave those ideas bouncing around in your head too long you just might go insane. 

So - how do you make sure that you get some writing in?


  1. Pahaha! The cat pics are TOO funny. And wow, this is totally relevant to me right now. Stress is my biggest problem - if I get caught up in a funk of stress I can't concentrate to write, or even beta read. It's hard.

  2. Hahaha, A+.

    I get 90% of my writing done... at work. When I should be working. Shh, don't tell.

  3. I tend to write when I should be sleeping :)

    Those pictures are cute, but that first one? Off the scale!

  4. I keep paper or a small note pad handy to scribble down sentences as they come to me. By the time I get home I usually have 250-500 words to just type up.

    And even if I am toying around on the internet or surfing blogs, at least I'm in front of a computer, which means there's a chance I might squeeze some writing in.

  5. I write when I should sleep. And I steal moments at work when I'm between things, or waiting for other people to give me info I need to continue.

    But mostly, I write instead of sleeping. *yawn*

  6. Being a night-writer allows me to do stuff doing the day. I've become a pro at staying up late writing, but getting up early the next morning, haha. :-)

  7. I sit down and tell myself writing is the only way to achieve my dream. It works quite well!

    I also carry notebooks at all times.

    The last picture is awesome XD

  8. Your cat photo's are hilarious and so wonderful. I love to read and love your site, found you on twitter. Have a great day my friend.